Returning to Camp

Following completion of the camp, all graduated Cadets are encouraged to present educational programs for the public and/or their sponsors. Educational programs may be speeches, PowerPoint presentations, working at field days or wildlife programs, setting up demonstrations, etc. The Texas Brigades will equip you with the information, skills, and tools necessary to spread the word about conservation. Such efforts may be rewarded with hunts, fishing trips and other outdoor adventures, as well as college scholarships, and other suitable awards.

Mail your Book of Accomplishments to our office in San Antonio or email to

Book of Accomplishments Forms & Example

Activity Report Form – Complete this form for each event/activity you perform, compiling along with pictures and other information in your Book of Accomplishments.
Digital Book Template – Basic digital template.
Example Digital Book – The example book was created in PowerPoint using the digital template provided above.

Opportunities for Book of Accomplishments

2018-2019 Event Calendar – Check your Silver Bulletin and the Texas Brigades Facebook page for current events across the state!

Promoting Texas Brigades

Texas Brigades General Brochure – Coming Soon!
Texas Brigades 2019 Brochure – Coming Soon!

Presentation & Program Materials

Promoting Texas Brigades

Texas Brigades 2019 Brochure – Coming Soon!
Texas Brigades General Brochure – Coming Soon!
2018-2019 Event Calendar – Check your Silver Bulletin and our Facebook Page

PowerPoint Presentations

Click on the links to download the 2018 PowerPoint presentations.

Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade
South Texas Bobwhite Brigade
South Texas Buckskin Brigade
North Texas Buckskin Brigade
Bass Brigade
Ranch Brigade
Waterfowl Brigade
Coastal Brigade

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