Returning to Camp

Following completion of the camp, all graduated Cadets are encouraged to present educational programs for the public and/or their sponsors AND record their efforts in a Book of Accomplishments, or BOA. Educational programs may be speeches, PowerPoint presentations, working at field days or wildlife programs, setting up demonstrations, etc. Texas Brigades will equip you with the information, skills, and tools necessary to spread the word about conservation. Such efforts may be rewarded with hunts, fishing trips and other outdoor adventures, as well as college scholarships, and other suitable awards.

What is a Book of Accomplishments?

A Book of Accomplishments, or BOA, is a record of all the post-camp events and activities Texas Brigades cadets have completed in the name of conservation advocacy. Once compiled BOAs can be submitted to earn trips, hunts, prizes, and even college scholarships! Below, you will find more information, examples, and tips on how to construct your best BOA.

BOA Requirements & Guidelines

Points are awarded for each activity included in a cadet’s BOA. Required elements and formatting instructions are included in the document below. Approved activities (varies by camp) are also listed there, along with their maximum point values. Points may be deducted from the maximum point value if the activity is not properly categorized or fully recorded.

2019-2020 BOA Activity Values & Instructions

Book of Accomplishments Forms & Example

Activity Report Form – Complete this form for each event/activity you perform, compiling along with pictures and other information in your Book of Accomplishments.
Digital Book Template – Basic digital template.
Example Digital Book – The example book was created in PowerPoint using the digital template provided above.

BOA Opportunities

Check your Silver Bulletin, the Texas Brigades Facebook page, or the Texas Brigades Calendar for TB-sanctioned events across the state!

Would you like to share an event that you know about, or invite fellow cadets to attend? Please use this link to share event information with others!

Early Bird vs. Final BOAs

Cadets may earn trips, hunts, and other rewards for starting their conservation advocacy shortly after camp by submitting an optional Early Bird BOA in the fall. Unlike Final BOAs, Early Bird BOAs are evaluated based on having a certain number of completed activities, not the total point value of the activities. Each Early Bird BOA is reviewed by a committee returned with suggestions for improvement. Deadlines for these submissions vary by camp, as do the required number of activities.

Final BOAs are submitted/postmarked by March 15th of each year, along with an Assistant Leader/College Scholarship application. Final BOAs are evaluated based on the quality of the activities recorded and the overall aesthetic/organization of the BOA. A cadet may still submit a Final BOA even if they did not submit an optional Early Bird BOA the previous fall.

BOA Submission & Deadlines

Early Bird BOAs are due either October 1st or November 1st, depending on the camp the BOA is being submitted for.

  • June Camps (RPBB, STBUB, STBOB): October 1st
  • July Camps (NTBB, COAST, BASS*, RANCH): November 1st

All camps require a minimum of 10 activities to qualify for the Early Bird Prize/Trip (except BASS*; only the Top 10 submissions with the most activities are chosen).

Final Books of Accomplishments for ALL CAMPS are due to the Texas Brigades Office by March 15th. BOAs may be submitted electronically or by mail.

Electronic Submissions: BOA documents should be attached in .pdf format to an email and sent to NO LATER than March 15th at 11:59 pm. All submissions received after that date/time will be considered late and may not be considered for Assistant Leader positions or College Scholarships.

Mail-In Submissions: Hard-copy BOAs must be postmarked by the deadline and sent to:

Texas Brigades

3660 Thousand Oaks Dr., Suite 126

San Antonio, TX 78247

Presentation & Program Materials

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