Thank You To All Participants and Volunteers For Making 2018 Summer Camps a Success!

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About Us

Texas Brigades is a wildlife and natural resource-focused leadership development program for youth (ages 13-17). We have eight popular summer camp programs: Bobwhite Brigades (north and south), Buckskin Brigades (north and south), Bass Brigade, Waterfowl Brigade, Ranch Brigade, and Coastal Brigade. You will be introduced to habitat management, hone your communication skills, and develop a land ethic. The state’s leading wildlife and fisheries biologists and land managers serve as instructors and mentors. Each camp is 5 days long. Our mission is to educate and empower youth with leadership skills and knowledge in wildlife, fisheries, and land stewardship to become conservation ambassadors for a sustained natural resource legacy across Texas.

Make A Donation

The Texas Brigade Legacy Fund is a unique opportunity to create a stable and long lasting future for the Texas Brigades. Contributions to this fund are used to establish the financial foundation that allows us to operate. 

Even before the last cadets have left each Brigade, we have already made contact and established a relationship that will support and encourage them for as long as they desire. We want these tremendous opportunities to become a legacy for future generations. The Texas Brigades allows youth to discover their “voice” and gives them a deeper confidence to share it in the world. Please help us secure this future for Texas youth by donating to the Texas Brigades Legacy Fund.

Latest News

Texas Brigades 25th Anniversary and Fundraiser

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Come help us celebrate the Texas Brigades 25th year of wildlife and conservation education. Join us April 29, 2017 at Gillespie County Fairgrounds in Fredericksburg, Texas for: Dinner and Tributes…

Warren Ranch practices good management for whitetail bucks herd

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By Gary Bomar of the Abilene Reporter News Upon entering the Warren Ranch in Coleman County, the first impression is how outstanding it is. A showcase ranch in West Central…

Rick Griffin first to aid at the Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade

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Rick Griffin, of Blackwell, said it was an act of God that led him to the Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade. Griffin who works for the San Angelo Fire Department recalls…

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