Who should apply for Texas Brigades Summer Camps?

Almost without exception, cadets and adults from past Texas Brigades Summer Camps rank them as the best camp they have ever attended! The success of Texas Brigades depends on both highly motivated youth (ages 13-17) and adult participants with a desire to further their wildlife knowledge and leadership skills. We hope the information and testimonials below regarding both the youth and adult experience is beneficial and encourages you to apply to the Texas Brigades.


We are looking for 13-17 year old students (incoming 8th graders to incoming seniors) who are highly motivated, active in a variety of extracurricular activities, and interested in learning more about the outdoors, wildlife, and natural resource conservation. Ideal candidates should have a strong desire to become a future leader in natural resources conservation.

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We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are interested in the outdoors, wildlife, and natural resource conservation, who wish to share that interest with young adults. An adult leader serves as a mentor, counselor, and guide for five or six teenagers (13-17 years of age) as they progress through our five-day camp. As an adult leader, you will participate in all of the activities in which the youth participate. Experience in wildlife and/or fisheries is not required.
Are you a teacher? Graduation as an Adult Leader is worth 40 professional credit hours!
Please note: immediate family members of youth (cadet) applicants may not be selected as an adult leader for the same camp as their cadet.
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Each camp is unique, but you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about deer, quail, bass, livestock, marine ecology, or waterfowl! You will study anatomy, biology, habitat management, population dynamics, conservation, watershed management, and more. In addition to a heaping dose of ecology, you will study photography, art, entomology, botany, fly-tying, firearm safety, and leadership skills. Every camp is fast-paced and filled with hands-on experiences, a wealth of information, camaraderie, and participation in professionally-led management techniques and procedures.


Every person, no matter what profession you choose, must be able to think, plan, and communicate to succeed. Many of the activities at the Texas Brigades revolve around teambuilding and critical thinking.


Yes, there is a tuition fee for cadets. The fee is $500, which covers meals, lodging, and supplies. Don’t let money stop you from applying! We will help you find financial assistance. Texas Brigades considers the adult leaders’ volunteer hours as their donation towards camp.


“I found myself wishing that I had heard about the Brigades growing up and, now being out of college with a wildlife degree, was disappointed that I hadn’t had the opportunity to attend this camp before I went to college. I felt that this week was taught at a college level and that these kids now have a great head start in their future courses. I felt that whether it’s in wildlife or a general degree, they got a birds-eye view of how college classes will run. If I could have had the chance to have this experience in high school or in my early years of college, I could have made up my mind more quickly on the degree I wanted and would have been a step ahead in my wildlife classes. I learned as much in the one week with the Brigades as I did in one semester of classes. The information was presented in a hands-on setting and the instructors taught in a way that was easy to understand the material. In my classes at Texas A&M we also talked about everything that we discussed at NTBB- from plant identification to population management – but this week, it was covered in a way that was good for a hands-on learner like myself. In addition, they provided everyone with great resource materials and actual tools for the field.”
“I would suggest that any person in high school and up, who is interested in wildlife and conservation, look into the Texas Brigades camps. It is an experience that will never be forgotten and can possibly help with finding a career that is fun, exciting, and lifelong.”
-Kelly Reeves-Weaver, Herd Leader, North Texas Buckskin Brigade, 10th Battalion
“Texas Brigades is supposed to be for young adults’ ages 13 through 17. However, I didn’t realize that it’s not just for them but also for everyone who has a hand with the Brigades. I also learned to become a better leader myself from this experience. I have become more outgoing and willing to step out of my comfort zone. One should not let the Texas Brigades fool you into thinking it is only for the kids. I recommend that everyone become a part of this amazing and inspirational organization.”
-Christine Litton, School Leader, Bass Brigade, 6th Battalion