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W.I.L.D. Session II: Professionalism & Ecotourism

By November 20, 2018W.I.L.D.

COLLEGE STATION, TX — W.I.L.D. Class VII honed their professionalism and business skills this past weekend with the guidance of Mays Business School professors. The class then used their new-found business savvy to analyze the different aspects of multiple-use ranches at Tonkaway Ranch.

Session II kicked off with a visit to Mays Business School, where students learned about how to capitalize on their personal strengths, create their own professional presence, and use frameworks to help them succeed in their future careers and personal lives. They put these concepts into action that afternoon while attending an etiquette luncheon and later that evening at a networking event.

That afternoon, Ian Gates of Texas A&M’s Natural Resources Institute (NRI) gave students a summary of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry, including how the information gathered by drones can be used to analyze crop yields and detect potential problems in the field. Each student was able to test their flight skills by piloting a drone.

On Saturday, the class gained first-hand knowledge of the different simultaneous uses of a ranch. Kyle Kacal, District 12 Representative and owner of Tonkaway Ranch, was kind enough to host our class and provide the opportunity to participate in networking events held at the ranch that weekend. A tour of the ranch showed how Tonkaway capitalizes on its assets to maintain several sustainable natural resource-driven businesses concurrently. The class bonded through some friendly competition on the clays course, as well as watching the Aggies pull off a win against UAB (whoop!).

Alongside their year-long group and individual projects, W.I.L.D. students were tasked with bringing it all together by analyzing the business model of Tonkaway Ranch using the frameworks discussed earlier in the session.

W.I.L.D. Session III will be held in Fort Worth in February of 2019, focusing on professional organizations…stay tuned!

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