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W.I.L.D. Session IV: CYCL Planning and Project Work

By April 10, 2019W.I.L.D.

AUSTIN, TX — During Session IV, W.I.L.D. Class VII visited potential field sites and finalized details for the Confluence of Young Conservation Leaders (CYCL) conference, a biennial, multi-state youth conservation event which Texas Brigades is hosting this upcoming November. The group is helping to plan the event alongside Texas Brigades Staff and volunteers. 

W.I.L.D. Students met with representatives at McKinney Roughs Nature Park, where the CYCL event will be hosted, to explore the opportunities and activities available for inclusion in the event schedule. They also visited the Lower Colorado River Authority’s Redbud Center, as well as Bamberger Ranch to get a feel for water conservation methods being practiced in the area and potential integration into CYCL. Our sincere appreciation goes out to all of our hosts for their generosity, but especially Texas Brigades donor SCI Austin for allowing us to attend their annual Crawfish Boil Fundraiser while we were in town.

Our W.I.L.D. Class was also able to visit the Capitol to get a feel for the environment they will be presenting their individual projects in later this month. Each W.I.L.D. Class VII student is responsible for choosing and researching a piece of current natural resources legislation. Based on their research, they will identify potential stakeholders in Texas, as well as choose a specific stakeholder that they personally feel is most deserving of the benefits, should the legislation be passed. This project will culminate during Session V in late April, where each student will present their case before a panel of industry professionals and legislators at the Capitol in Austin.

We are so proud of our student’s accomplishments thus far and look forward to their final presentations. Wish them luck!

For more information about CYCL or the upcoming conference, please contact cycl.conservation@gmail.com.

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McKenzie Mull

Program Manager, Texas Brigades



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