“At the end of her 4.5 days, she was exhausted but empowered like never before. She was a different person, with a sense of accomplishment and purpose.  She conversed easily with us about complex subjects like ecology, biology and habitat management.  Her speaking capabilities were profoundly improved.  She spoke with authority and conviction where once she shrank in the back of the room.  Though avid hunters ourselves, she was never interested in firearms until this course taught her how to handle and respect their use.  All in all, this opportunity has allowed our daughter to blossom.”
“Wayne and I are grateful for the opportunity to give back to such a fine program.  The skills developed in this program are in short supply in society today.  Individuals able to separate themselves from a large pool of prospective applicants will fare far better in their chosen fields.  The purpose of the Brigade Camps is well served.  We congratulate you and wish you every future success.”
-Wayne & Debra Terry

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for the experience Landy had this past week. Naturally, he crashed for the first two hours of the drive home, but he came to around Burnet and could not stop talking the rest of the way in. He has a strong passion for the lifestyle of what the camp was about, and it very much helped show him how the math and sciences are important. We hope it will drive him to be a more serious student in his regular studies in order to prepare him to have options in college to pursue a career of his dreams.”
-Landy Warren

“In five days I became a different person. I no longer have any fear of speaking in public, and I feel more confident that I have the ability to take charge of any situation, no matter how difficult. The Buckskin Brigade changed my life.”
-Chip Hemby,

“We waited for the phone call. When my daughter’s happy voice made her announcement, I thought about the influences that can make such a difference in a young person’s life. Of the many events shaping my daughter’s life, the benefits continue years later from her first involvement with the Texas Brigades camps.”
-Diana LaRue
Jasper, Texas

“As parents we were amazed and impressed with the thoroughness, excellence, and creativity of the Buckskin Brigade! You set a standard for these young leaders to model and have infused a new generation with vision and skills for wildlife management. Thank you so much for the time, care, and heart given by so many to make this possible. Do not hesitate to call on us for support or commendation in any way.”
-Anne Grizzle

“Last night I visited with my grandson, Coleman Hemphill. His excitement and enthusiasm about the Bobwhite Brigade almost melted the phone line. Words cannot adequately express the gratitude of an admitted doting and prejudiced grandfather. The week in camp sparked and area of interest and set the stage for a better understanding and appreciation of the sport that is so dear and means so much to us all. Coleman almost overwhelmed us with his wealth of information about habitat, behavior and predators. This knowledge will stand him in good stead in the years to come if he is trying to find the “nick” of ranching and sustaining a huntable bird population on a Crockett County ranch.

Please accept my most sincere thank you for the opportunity and experience you and your organization have provided for the many young people who have participated in the program.”
-Warren Hemphill

“The Bobwhite Brigade is the MTV of wildlife science.”
-Ray Sasser
Dallas Morning News

“I asked my son to tell me the 3 most important things he learned at the Bobwhite Brigade. He said (1) he was impressed with the diversity of wildlife in North Texas; (2) he had a better understanding of the importance of wildlife to society; and (3) he felt we should do more to educate the general public about the importance of all wildlife.”
-Tony and Cindy Dean

“I went to a Texas Bobwhite Brigade camp at the 76 Ranch in Atascosa County. Probably about 2005. I just went for two days, took some photos and did a story on a camper. It was AMAZING to me to see the leadership skills those kids learned and the VAST knowledge of ecosystem stewardship they learned in this week’s time. I went on the first day and the last day – just to get a feel for it all. The first day the kids were excited – but still goofy teens. The last day – they were tired, educated, proud and knowledgeable leaders. The speaking and presentation skills they gained were awesome. And the information was presented in a way that they WANTED to know more. They would stay up most of the night working on projects just because they loved learning about it so much. And even though the focus might have been bobwhites, deer, bass, etc. – the focus was managing the ecosystem and how all the parts of the animals environment work together. Garry Stephens and Fred Reyna were leaders (on their own annual leave time) at the camp I went to. They did a lot of plant ID, habitat management stuff, etc. and were very actively involved with the kids – losing much sleep over the deal. But as a result, EVERY kid there knew about NRCS and wanted to look into pursuing a career with us. I have been involved in PR and Outreach with our agency in many different ways, and this is quite possibly the most effective outlet we have for reaching potential employees, and future land managers.”
-Dee Ann Littlefield