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Technical Agreement between NRCS and Texas Brigades

By February 11, 2020Press Releases

On December 16, 2019, the NRCS and Texas Brigades strengthened their long-standing partnership by entering into a 5-year technical agreement. This agreement will deepen and accelerate the connection between people and the land through strong technical support from NRCS and delivery of education programs through Texas Brigades. NRCS and Texas Brigades have a mutual interest in effectively educating customers/participants about the conservation and stewardship of natural resources.

The objective of this agreement is to jointly educate participants on the conservation and stewardship of natural resources for the delivery of Texas Brigades programming by addressing opportunities, concerns, and problems related to the use of Texas’ natural resources. 

Expected accomplishments of this agreement are that participants will gain a consistent understanding of NRCS, its services, its opportunities, and its mission, as well as gain professional and consistent technical knowledge as it pertains to the identification, understanding, conservation, and management of natural resources.

The responsibilities among the parties range from NRCS providing employees, resources, and shared spaces to facilitate Texas Brigades’ mission delivery, whereas Texas Brigades will provide opportunities for on the job training and community outreach, as well as meals, lodging, and materials, as offered to all participants, volunteers, and partners.

To participate in the opportunities afforded with this agreement, NRCS employees should speak to their supervisor to ensure scheduling is appropriate with individual and team workloads. If you have not volunteered or have little experience or knowledge of Texas Brigades, apply for a 5-day opportunity to assist with the responsibilities and transfer of conservation education: https://forms.gle/YtN9WtEH9kHUrzJE8. If you have been or are a current volunteer with Texas Brigades, register through the Texas Brigades Volunteer Registry to select your preferences and be matched with the appropriate committee: https://forms.gle/XKb3ECFqS9ptHA1F7.

Should there be any questions regarding the agreement between NRCS and Texas Brigades, please reach out to either party.

Your partner in conservation,

Natalie Wolff


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