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By donating to Texas Brigades, you give us the unique opportunity to create a stable and long lasting future for Texas Brigades youth education and programming. General contributions are used to establish the financial foundation that allows us to operate.

Even before the last cadets have left each program, we have already made contact and established a relationship that will support and encourage them for as long as they desire. The individual camp supporters and underwriters of the scholarships are dedicated friends and we will always need their support, but it is what happens after the camps that will maintain the vision.  

We want these tremendous opportunities to become a legacy for future generations. Texas Brigades allows youth to discover their “voice” and gives them a deeper confidence to share it in the world. Please help us secure this future for Texas youth by donating to Texas Brigades.

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Texas Brigades is a youth-focused, multi-programmed organization dedicated to developing ambassadors for wildlife and natural resource conservation.  

Texas Brigades is a non-profit organization that is funded through grants and many generous donors. We are proud of our programs and we look forward to seeing you there! You may make payments online or send a check to the Texas Brigades office in San Antonio.