Coleman Cadet Recognized as a Conservation Leader in Her Community

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Haigen Hemphill, 6th Battalion of Ranch Brigade, July 2018.

COLEMAN, TX – Haigen Hemphill, a graduate of the 6th Battalion of Ranch Brigade, was recently interviewed and recognized by her hometown paper, the Coleman Chronicle, on multiple occasions since returning home. Lizzy Berry, Editor of the Coleman Chronicle, writes about Texas Brigades Summer Camps, specifically Ranch Brigade:

“More important than giving cadets long-lasting memories of fun with new friends and potential industry peers, however, or even spending a highly educational week with agricultural experts: the Ranch Brigade taught the group of 25 some invaluable life lessons. The cadets learned about reaching deep within themselves to discover confidence and to hone public speaking abilities (which most of them never knew they had). The end result was a group of self-assured, motivated young people committed to leaving the week’s activities with information to extend to other groups about the importance of the livestock industry and the part it plays in wildlife conservation as both industries are vital to Texas and the United States.”

Haigen’s grandparents spoke to the reasoning behind encouraging Haigen to apply to Ranch Brigade:

“Alice and I felt like this would be a good experience [for Haigen] – even if she isn’t involved in ranching later in life…the ultimate goal is to develop leadership skills…to come out of it with new skills.”

Evident are the skills Haigen developed at Ranch Brigade, as she presents to local stakeholder groups to earn her way back to camp. Berry notes:

“These opportunities to speak in front of large groups of strangers would surely present a personal challenge for most individuals – especially at such a young age, but Haigen Hemphill comes across as a beautiful young lady poised and positioned to eventually take the reins of the family business – if need be, and if she chooses to do so – when she easily and convincingly shares her interest and commitment to the industry.”

Haigen ultimately plans to attend vet school, and as Berry writes:

“With [Haigen’s] calm and polite demeanor, intelligence and well-spoken passion for the agricultural industry and her family business…I’d say she’s well on her way…”

Texas Brigades is proud that Haigen has made such an impact and lived up to our motto “Conservation Leaders in Every Community.” We thank the Coleman community for their support of her, other cadets, and our programs in the local area.

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