About Us


Texas Brigades’ mission is to educate and empower youths with leadership skills and knowledge in wildlife, fisheries, and land stewardship to become conservation ambassadors for a sustained natural resource legacy.
Texas Brigades provides a combination of educational programs, including eight summer camps: Bobwhite Brigade (quail), Buckskin Brigade (deer), Bass Brigade,  Waterfowl Brigade (ducks and geese), Ranch Brigade (cattle), and Coastal Brigade (marine life). Other Texas Brigades programs include Wildlife Intensive Leadership Development (W.I.L.D.) and Texas Brigades Experiences. An understanding of the importance of this organization is represented by its cooperating partners, including Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Texas Wildlife Association, Texas Wildlife Association Foundation, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Texas Brigades is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Dr. Dale Rollins, Extension Wildlife Specialist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, came up with the idea for Texas Brigades as a way to expand Extension’s educational efforts by developing wildlife ambassadors. His idea came to life in 1993 with the formation of Bobwhite Brigade (known today as Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade).
As the saying goes, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” To that end, Bobwhite Brigade has been cloned in five other states through collaborations with Quail Unlimited. Buckskin Brigade was used as the base model for Pennsylvania Bucktails. The Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society models its own summer camp (initiated in 1996) after Texas Brigades.


In Texas, Bobwhite Brigade expanded from its original camp in the Rolling Plains to East Texas Feathered Forces, formed in 1996, and finally to South Texas Bobwhite Brigade, formed in 1998.
South Texas Buckskin Brigade, an offshoot of Bobwhite Brigade, fledged in 2000; North Texas Buckskin Brigade held its first Battalion in 2002. Bass Brigade (2004), Waterfowl Brigade (2012), and Coastal Brigade (2016) added focus on aquatic, waterfowl, & marine species and management. Ranch Brigade, which launched its first Battalion in 2013, focuses on sustainable beef production from conception to consumer.
Each camp is 4 ½ days of intense, interactive, fun learning from top wildlife and natural resource professionals in Texas.  Subjects covered include everything from biology, habitat management, watersheds, population dynamics, ecology, and botany, to photography, journalism, firearm safety, fishing, communication, critical thinking, team building, and leadership.

Our Board of Directors

Jon Taggart President, RANCH Burgundy Pasture Beef
Kassi Scheffer Vice President, BASS Texas Wildlife Association
Bryan Jones Treasurer, STBOB Texas Wildlife Association
Trevor Dickschat Secretary, BMAL Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
Annaliese Scoggin RPBB Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
Ethan McJames RPBB USDA – Natural Resource Conservation Service
Matthew Reidy STBOB Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
Chase Currie STBUB San Pedro Ranch
Blaise Korzekwa STBUB Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
Matthew Coffman NTBB USDA – Natural Resource Conservation Service
Barrett Koennecke NTBB Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
Steven Bardin BASS Texas Pro Lake Management
Chris Farley RANCH Texas Christian University-Ranch Management
Charriss York COASTAL Texas A&M Agrilife Extension
Derek York COASTAL Texas Parks & Wildlife
Celeste Dickschat Board Member At Large Brenham ISD
Whitney Klenzendorf Board Member At Large Whit’s Wilderness

Our Past Presidents

Mike Petter Immediate Past President Resource & Land Management
Larry Pierce Past President Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
Rory Burroughs Past President Comprehensive Land Management
Ken Cearley Past President Texas Agriculture Land Trust
Dr. Bill Eikenhorst Past President Creekside Veterinary Service
Dr. Dale Rollins Past President Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Our Staff

Natalie Wolff Executive Director
McKenzie Mull Program Manager