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2020 Post-Camp Rewards & Opportunities

By February 18, 2020Uncategorized
STBUB Early Bird Trip at Halff Brothers Ranch.

Each year, Camp Committees reward the outstanding youths who earn the coveted “Top Covey”, “Top School”, or “Top Herd” titles through their teamwork at camp. After graduating camp, cadets also have an opportunity to submit an “Early Bird” Book of Accomplishments, detailing their outreach and educational efforts, to earn these opportunities and rewards. By providing hunting or fishing experiences, Texas Brigades Volunteers are further-inspiring and connecting youth with the outdoors and Texas’ hunting heritage.

“Our Top Covey enjoyed some of the best Bobwhite hunting in the nation last weekend. Matt Reidy and his hunting partner Sarita gave an exceptional demonstration of the relationship between falconer and bird.”

– Kristin Parma, STBOB Volunteer

We extend a huge thank you to all of the volunteer coordinators, donors, and hosts of our 2020 Camp Season Post-Camp Events listed below:

Coastal Brigade – Derek York

  • Top School Trip & Leadership Symposium – Dickinson Marine Lab

Bass Brigade – Joshua Flowers

  • Top School & Early Bird Trip – Lake Texoma & Game Warden Camp

North Texas Buckskin Brigade – Matthew Coffman & Kristi Keierleber

  • NTBB Early Bird Hunt – 1687 Foundation Ranch
  • NTBB Top Herd Hunt – Clear Fork Ranch

Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade – Cade Bowlin & Morgan Payne

  • RPBB Early Bird Hunt – 1687 Foundation Ranch

South Texas Bobwhite Brigade – Weldon Riggs & Matt Reidy

  • STBOB Act of Kindness Hunt – Slaughter 6 Ranch
  • STBOB Top Covey Hunt – La Perla Ranch

South Texas Buckskin Brigade – Joe Taylor & Rose Cooper

  • STBUB Early Bird Hunt – Halff Brothers Ranch
  • STBUB Assistant Herd Leader Hunt – Flojo Ranch

“Our AHL hunt was a huge success. These young hunters harvested five bucks, three does and a bobcat. We would like to thank the Flojo Ranch for sponsoring our Assistant Herd Leader hunt again this year. We can’t say enough about their hospitality, great food and dedication to make sure everyone had a memorable experience.”

– Rose Cooper, STBUB Volunteer & TB Board Director

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