2018 Early Bird Outreach Results Are In!

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SAN ANTONIO, TX — Texas Brigades released the results of the 2018 Early Bird Book of Accomplishments Submissions. It is outstanding to see the impact our cadets have made in JUST 6 MONTHS since camp season! See the infographic (left) for more information, or see the summary (below).

2018 Early Bird Impact

7 Summer Camps held all over the great state of Texas. Over the course of each 5-day summer camp, these 13-17 year olds are transformed into future conservation leaders by professionals in natural resource conservation fields.

55 Books Submitted after camp. Cadets are asked to spread the message of conservation in their community upon returning home. They record their work in a Book of Accomplishments, which can be used to earn college scholarships


752 Activities conducted, including TB interviews, presentations, plant collections, ranch management plans, monofilament recycling stations, and outreach events, just to name a few.

1,649 Hours spent researching, designing, sharing, and experiencing the outdoors, wildlife, and conservation in their individual communities.

75,368 Impressions made in just 6 months following the 2018 Summer Camp season, providing conservation awareness and education to those of all ages across the state of Texas and beyond.

Texas Brigades is extremely grateful for the support of parents, volunteers, and those in every community that support the ambition of our cadets. They truly could not have made the impact they have without your dedication to their success.

*Numbers in this infographic are estimates from cadet self-reporting.

About the Book of Accomplishment Process

Upon returning home from camp, cadets are asked to start conservation outreach and to keep a record book of these activities and accomplishments. This Book of Accomplishments can be submitted twice to the Texas Brigades office; once in the fall, the “Early Bird” submission, to be rewarded for their outreach right after camp; and once in the spring as a “Final” submission.

Those submitting Early Bird books have a chance to earn a hunt, fishing trip, or other prizes for their efforts. Cadets submitting books in the spring must complete an application to be considered for either an Assistant Leader position and/or a College Scholarship, to be awarded at camp. In 2017, Texas Brigades gave out nearly $50,000 in college scholarships to these high-achieving future conservation leaders.

Interested in applying for one of our camps? Head to our applications page at: www.texasbrigades.org/applications. Deadline for 2019 Summer Camps is March 15th, 2019!

Copy and infographic by: McKenzie Mull, Program Manager, Texas Brigades (mckenzie@texasbrigades.org)

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