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Below are the questions we are asked most frequently about our camps. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


  • WHY SHOULD I ATTEND THE TEXAS BRIGADES? Almost without exception, cadets from past Brigade camps rank the Texas Brigades as the best camp they have ever attended! In fact, most return home from the hardest week of work they have ever been through to work throughout the year for the opportunity to return as an assistant leader!
  • WHAT WILL I LEARN AT THE TEXAS BRIGADES? Each camp is unique, but you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about deer, quail, bass, waterfowl, and cattle! You will study anatomy, biology, habitat management, population dynamics, conservation, watershed management, and more. In addition to a heaping dose of ecology, you will study photography, art, entomology, botany, fly-tying, firearm safety, and leadership skills.
  • WHAT DO YOU MEAN "LEADERSHIP SKILLS"? No matter what profession you choose, it will be important for you to develop the ability to think, plan, and communicate. Many of the activities at the Texas Brigades revolve around teambuilding and critical thinking. A major component of the Brigades involves developing your ability to tell your story to the people in your community. You will learn to write for the print media, how to present educational programs, and even how to be interviewed on the radio and television.
  • WHAT ARE THE QUALIFICATIONS? All students with an interest in biology, wildlife, fisheries, conservation, ranching, or the outdoors are encouraged to apply. You must be 13-17 years of age and you should also be willing to commit to conducting a minimum of three educational programs when you return home.
  • HOW MANY CADETS ARE AT THE CAMP? Each camp is a little different because of facilities. There will be 20-30 cadets at each.
    • Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade - Centennial Lodge, Coleman, TX
    • South Texas Buckskin Brigade - Welder Wildlife Refuge, Sinton, TX
    • South Texas Bobwhite Brigade - Buck Horn Creek Ranch, Pleasanton, TX
    • Bass Brigade - Warren Ranch, Santa Anna, TX
    • Ranch Brigade - Warren Ranch, Santa Anna, TX
    • North Texas Buckskin Brigade - Warren Ranch, Santa Anna, TX
    • Waterfowl Brigade - BigWoods on the Trinity, Tennessee Colony, TX

  • HOW DO I APPLY? We prefer you to apply online, via our website. By clicking the appropriate application link, you will be directed to the online application. Once submitted, you should receive a confirmation email within 72 hours. If you have trouble with the online application, you may obtain a copy by contacting the Texas Brigades office. If you have obtained a paper copy, you may submit via email.

    Phone: 855-TXBRIGS or (210) 556-1391        E-mail:

    Or Mail to:
    Texas Brigades
    3660 Thousand Oaks Dr., Ste.126
    San Antonio, TX, 78247

  • HOW WILL I KNOW IF I AM ACCEPTED? All applications are evaluated by the camp steering committee. The committee selects the cadets and two alternates. All applicants will be notified of their status following the selection progress.
  • MAY I APPLY TO MORE THAN ONE CAMP? Yes, you may apply to one of the Buckskin camps and to either of the Bobwhite Brigades, as well as the Bass Brigade, Waterfowl Brigade, Ranch Brigade, and Coastal Brigade. In order to accommodate as many participants as possible, though, it is unlikely you will be accepted to more than one camp.
  • IS THERE ANY SPECIAL EQUIPMENT THAT I WILL NEED FOR THE CAMP? Successful applicants will be given a detailed list of items to bring. Plan on bringing a camera, clothes to wear in the field (boots are a must!), sunscreen, and bug spray. You may possibly be doing some shooting, so bring ear and eye protection if you have it. We will have safety equipment, firearms, and ammunition.
  • IS THERE A FEE? Yes. The fee of $500 covers all meals, lodging, and supplies. We encourage you to solicit all or part of your fee from your local Soil and Water Conservation District, bank, civic group, or conservation organization. The Brigades will help you locate a sponsor, if requested. An application for Camp Tuition Financial Assistance can be found here Don't let money stop you from applying! We will help you find financial assistance.
  • WHO ORGANIZES THE TEXAS BRIGADES? The Texas Brigades is a cooperative effort of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Texas Wildlife Association, Texas Wildlife Association Foundation, Texas Parks & Wildlife, USDA-NRCS, and Texas Chapters of Quail Coalition. The Brigades are supported by numerous individuals, private businesses, foundations, and other non-profit organizations.



Texas Brigades
3660 Thousand Oaks Dr., Ste. 126
San Antonio, TX 78247

Office Telephone: 210-556-1391

Natalie Wolff, Executive Director

Kathy Pearson, Program Coordinator